The Best of Affordable Retirement Living

Affordable Retirement Living | Experience Our Beautiful Single Family Homes At Lake AshtonYou’ve worked all your life for the best retirement you can dream of; why not make it affordable retirement living as well? Price shouldn’t stop you from fulfilling your lifelong dream of a rich and fruitful retirement, with all the comforts you’ve worked so hard for. Of course, paying too much for a dream can sour those luxuries as well.

For retirees, however, the best of Florida retirement communities solves the dilemma of luxury versus price. Lake Ashton, a CRF retirement community, offers a wide range of luxurious amenities and conveniences, beautiful homes, and affordable pricing. Imagine being conveniently located between Orland and Tampa in a gated community that provides the active lifestyle you want, with beautiful landscaping and lakeside views, all for a price you can afford. Living affordably in retirement doesn’t get better than life at Lake Ashton.

Affordable Retirement Living Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Just because you don’t want to spend millions on having an active and joyful retirement living experience does not mean that you want a boring or dull retirement, sitting in a Affordable Retirement Living | Enjoy Your Grandchildren In Your Active Adult Years At Lake Ashtonrocking chair and hoping your grandkids will call. Retirement is just another stage of life — and the beginning of freedom and fun for many seniors who’ve worked hard to ensure their own retirement dreams. Lake Ashton understands that you want more for your dollar than early nights and watching television re-runs.

Fortunately, Lake Ashton takes affordable retirement living to a new level. For over three decades, CRF Communities has remained a leader in planned communities, offering our residents top notch amenities and locales. We’ve been named an industry leader for creating luxurious and affordable living situations. CRF understands that retirees have active lifestyles and needs that a “traditional” community doesn’t meet.

At Lake Ashton, our stunning community is conveniently situated between two major metropolitan areas and some of the world’s most renowned tourist attractions and theme parks. Acres of wetland and nature preserve lend natural beauty and access to famous parks for the nature lover. Active retirees will find that our two private golf courses, fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, and basketball courts provide hours of social and fit fun.

Affordable Retirement Living | Enjoy Challenging Golf With Your New Found FriendsFor the arts lover, Lake Ashton is within easy reach of museums, theaters, and other cultural experiences. Finally, our community center provides an opportunity for socializing and meeting new friends and neighbors to share your adventures with.

All of this is available with your choice of several stylish and comfortable home models on your choice of lots in our gated community. Don’t sacrifice the active retirement dream you have for price, and don’t overpay for your retirement dream. Contact scenic Lake Ashton for affordable retirement living today.