Best Retirement Communities In Florida

Best Retirement Communities | Onsite Golf Pro At Lake AshtonOne of the best retirement communities in Florida offers everything retired people could want. Lake Ashton is located right in the middle of Florida and is one of the best retirement communities anywhere. It’s centrally located between both coasts, in the heart of orange grove country, where the fragrance of orange blossoms gloriously fills the air every March. Surrounded by virgin ranch lands, the community of Lake Ashton offers everything to keep the mind, body and soul young and active.

Florida offers multiple climate zones, cultural environments, year-round outdoor weather and activities, sports to be enjoyed as desired, miles of beautiful beaches, thousands of lakes for boating and fishing, rich agriculture, state and federal parks and forests and large cities for urban activities.

Having a reason to get up and have something exciting to do each day, keeps life interesting. Whether seeking a fitness program, education enhancement and hobby development, Lake Ashton offers it all. By participating in groups, clubs, clinics, special programs and classes that emphasize learning new skills, life can be invigorating and challenging.

Best Retirement Communities | Stay Healthy At The Lake Ashton Health & Fitness Center

Florida offers mild winters, certainly compared to those in the states in the northern half of the US.  “Snow Birds” is a term of endearment for many thousands of northerners who migrate south to spend their winters in Florida retirement communities. They choose to avoid the dangers inherent in living in areas where the sidewalks and streets are often covered with snow and perhaps ice below it. So they drive or fly south to spend their winter in warm, sunny Florida where those risks do not occur. They’re often looking for the best place to retire.

In looking into the best retirement communities, retirees find that Lake Ashton offers so many activities that it claims to be the best place to retire in Florida. Activities include a book club, computer club, and current affairs discussion group. In addition, for personal enhancement, Lake Ashton offers crime prevention clinics, educational classes, even foreign language classes. To discover your family tree, there’s a genealogy directed-research class. Lake Ashton Leadership Seminars offer improvement of speaking and leading skills. A Wise Women’s Money Club provides the ladies with good financial advice. In addition, there are world affairs lectures, healthy cooking seminars and recording your history instruction.

Best Retirement Communities | Lake Ashton Community Clubhouse PoolFor fun and fitness, there are square & line dancing lessons, self-defense clinics, lessons in shuffleboard, photography, cooking, painting and scrap-booking. There are also bridge, woodworking, golf classes as well as travel clubs. Lake Ashton offers water exercise classes, ballroom dancing, bowling leagues, cardiovascular fitness equipment, health screenings, health seminars and in most types of team sports athletics.

All-in-all, Florida is the best place to retire and it offers many of the best retirement communities. It would be hard to find a better place to retire than Lake Ashton.