“Boomers: Speak a New Language in Active Retirement Communities”

There’s a new language in Active Retirement Communities.  In every stage of life, Boomers have always set new rules of living.  Reinventing language, coining new phrases, and defining their environment is typical Boomer behavior.  William E. Becker, MIRM, CAASH, managing director and president of The William E. Becker Organization says,

“The boomer generation is completely changing the way that builders talk to their customers looking for housing in an Active Retirement Community. In fact, an entirey new language has emerged, one that reflects the sophistication of today’s older homebuyers in Florida Retirement Communities, many of whom continue to work, as well as the active lifestyles they plan to lead.”   

“Boomers even have their own new language.” 

Check out the old language in the left column and the new Boomer language in the right column.  Sound familiar?  Active retirement communities are not the retirement villages or parks of the past. If you visit the hot Active Retirement Communities, this is what you will hear:


· Computer Lab————————————-Tech Center
· Arts & Crafts—————————————Learning Center
· Exercise/Wellness Center——————–Gymnasium/Fitness Spa
· Locker Room————————————–Dressing Areas
· Volleyball/Basketball Courts/Baseball—Sports Park
· Clubhouse——————————————Community Center/Resident’s Club
· Ballroom/Meeting Center———————-Town Hall
· Sales Information Center ———————Welcome Center
· Recreation——————————————Amenities
· Welcome/Get-Togethers———————-Resident Parties
· Tennis Courts————————————-Tennis Club
· Homes———————————————–Residences
· Warming Kitchen——————————–Gourmet-Style Kitchen
· Upgrades/Options——————————-Design Studio
· Coffee Shop—————————————Internet Café
· Sales Office—————————————Sales Pavilion
· Model Homes————————————-Model Park/Gallery of Homes
· Trails————————————————-Biking/Walking/Hiking
· Beach Area—————————————-Lake/Ocean Club
· Retirement Village——————————Active Retirement Community

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In addition to speaking a new language, Boomer women in an Active Retirement Community are emerging as key decision makers in housing decisions.  In addition to a new language, they are also interested in a lifestyle that enhances “Mind, Body and Soul” and allows them adventure, self-improvement, personal growth and personal definition.    Typically, Boomer women in an Active Retirement Community are interested in flex space—places to have their own home offices, exercise rooms, and hobby rooms.  This energetic group is online, high tech, and leading the charge in Active Retirement Communities.

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