Florida Retirement Communities Offer Wellness Programs

Florida Retirement Communities like Lake Ashton offers the health benefits of wellness programs. So as you search Florida Retirement Communities remember Lake Ashton has so much to offer.

Here we are in the year 2008, full of opportunities to enhance the quality of the lives at Lake Ashton or any Florida Retirement Communities. Typically individuals make a few New Year’s resolutions. One made most frequently is getting healthier by losing weight. Exercise is essential to any weight-loss program. The right type of exercise will burn fat and assist in building lean tissue. To get the most out of your exercise program the American College of Sports Medicine recommends these guidelines:

The best frequency appears to be 4-5 times each week. Health gains can be achieved with only two days a week for those new to exercise.

To burn calories your body has stored fat you should include “aerobic” exercise. Aerobic exercise uses large muscles rhythmically and continuously so that the heart rate and breathing become raised for a period of time. Examples are speeding up intervals on any cardio machine, periods of swimming faster, raising the incline on the treadmill, or increasing the resistance on a bike or elliptical, or walking faster for short periods.

How long you exercise will depend on your goals and physical condition. If you are well conditioned and your goal is weight loss, the longer the better. Recent research shows the aerobic fitness levels can improve with as little as 10 minutes of activity done 2-3 times during the day. If you are not well conditioned, start slow and make your goals achievable.

Strength workouts should be included in your program preferably 2 times a week with 3 being desirable. Florida Retirement Communities like Lake Ashton can help with your strength training.

Floor resistance work, free weights, resistance bands, machines, Pilates, and some types of yoga can achieve strength training.Florida Retirement Communities may or may not offer a wellness program; luckily, the wellness program at Lake Ashton can help you with any or all of the above. Choose from group fitness classes, line dancing, square dancing, bowling, or facilities such as the lap pool, fitness center, basketball court, racquetball court and more!

As you search Florida retirement communities remember the wellness team and health programs offered at Lake Ashton. It should make your search for Florida retirement communities an easy choice!