The Benefits of Gated Retirement Communities

Gated Retirement Communities | Experience Security At Lake AshtonThere are so many options for retirement, so what makes gated retirement communities like Lake Ashton a good choice? Security is one of the major benefits of a gated community. Good gated communities provide plenty of amenities so that residents can entertain themselves within the community or choose to enjoy outside activities and places. Of course, at Lake Ashton the housing options are also a benefit. This Century Residential community is a prime option for the senior looking to retire in Florida.

Security in Gated Retirement Communities

Gated communities offer security by ensuring that only those with business in the community gain access. Residents, visitors, and employees have easy access but solicitors and those with no real need to be in thGated Retirement Communities | Amenities Abound Including Our Indoor Pool At The Community Clubhousee community can be kept outside. This security means that you can feel safe at home, of course, but it also means that you do not need to worry about the safety of your home when you are away.

A Selection of Amenities

Many Florida retirement communities offer golf, of course, and Lake Ashton is no different. We also have a swimming pool, a tennis court, an indoor track, a weight room, and a sauna, among other fitness options. For intellectual stimulation you may consider the library, the arts and crafts room, and the computer lab. For those who enjoy boating there is a boat launch ramp and even boat storage. There are also dining facilities, a theatre, banking access, and so much more. The options available to residents mean that they can stay near home when they wish to without feeling inconvenienced.

Homes for Everyone

The homes at Lake Ashton are green, in that they are designed to be more efficient and have less of an impact on the environment. These homes come in a variety of sizes and Gated Retirement Communities | Amenities Abound Including Our Indoor Pool At The Community Clubhouselayouts. The Green Adventurer series features an RV garage as well as a two car garage while the Green Islander series does not have the RV garage. The numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms vary to allow for each resident to have the home that enables them to enjoy their time at home as much as they enjoy their time out. Some gated retirement communities offer a variety of homes, but others are much more limited in what they offer to prospective residents.

Lake Ashton is an excellent community for the active senior! It offers a variety of homes as well as enough amenities to entertain you all year round. An additional benefit is the convenient location in Central Florida between Tampa and Orlando. Finally, it has the significant appeal of the added security offered by gated retirement communities. These make Lake Ashton an excellent choice for any retiree.