Golf and fitness go hand-in-hand at a Florida Active Adult Community

Florida Active Adult Community | Enjoy Challenging Golf At Lake AshtonWhen transitioning to a retirement lifestyle, like a Florida active adult community, baby boomers seek out communities that include their favorite amenities.

Two amenities that stand out are golf and fitness. Now you don’t have to shirk work or duties to play a round or two. Golf is fun plus a great way to maximize your health.

Lake Ashton’s two 18-hole private championship golf courses help our Florida active adult community residents stay in shape, lose weight, and cement the camaraderie of new friendships.

And contrary to Mark Twain’s disparaging remark about one of our most popular sports, (“Golf is a good walk spoiled,”) he must not have been doing it right – golf is healthy!

Research indicates that playing a round of golf has the same health benefits as a full 45-minute fitness class. It burns fat and improves good cholesterol levels. Carrying your clubs can burn more than 400 calories, and even pulling a cart burns over 300 calories.

Florida Active Adult Community | Challenging Golf At Lake AshtonAnd that’s not all, Mark. Swinging clubs and putting are also physical workouts: the repeated swinging helps tone muscles in the arms, back and shoulders. Don’t apologize for your poor game – the worse you golf, the greater the workout!

Golf improves flexibility and range of motion, and helps strengthen hand-eye coordination and balance. Its low impact exercise is an ideal way for older players to remain spry and active. In fact, walking is prescribed by many doctors for its low-impact cardiovascular activity that gets the heart pumping. Not only that, but it’s easier on the feet and knees than jogging.

If you forgo the cart and play 18 holes at your Florida Active Adult Community, you’ve probably walked three to five miles. And depending on the number of sand traps and bunkers (and the number of hooks and slices) you’ve worked enough muscles to climb several hills.

Florida Active Adult Community | Two World Class 18 Hole Golf CoursesIf you want fewer hooks, slices and “fores!” research has shown that golfers who play well are more likely to see the hole as larger than their poor-playing counterparts, according to a Purdue University researcher.

“Golfers have said that when they play well, the hole looks as big as a bucket or basketball hoop, and when they do not play well they’ve been quoted as saying the hole looks like a dime or the inside of a donut,” said Jessica K. Witt, an assistant professor of psychological sciences at Purdue University who studies perception in athletes.

So imagine that tiny hole as big as a basketball hoop, even though the diameter is a mere 10.8 centimeters – you’ll play better and want to play more – and playing more adds to your health.

So Mark Twain, you can either go on a long boring walk, or go golfing, get healthy – and lose weight! Walking by itself promotes weight loss, but even more so if you carry your own clubs.

When searching for the ideal Florida active adult community, make sure it has a golf course – it’s just good for your health!

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