How Florida Active Adult Communities Can Enhance Your Health

Active Adult Communities | Excercising at your Active Adult CommunityStudy after study shows us that exercise will extend our lifespan and make us healthier, and common sense tells us that active adult communities, like Lake Ashton, provide the easiest, most convenient and most fun place for exercise – like a DisneyLand for health.

Active adult communities are convenient because all the healthiest amenities are within skipping distance of your front door; and fun because you have a community of like-minded peers jumping to join you.

Amenities at Lake Ashton, a gated, active adult community, include a 26,000-square-foot clubhouse, 30,000- square-foot health and fitness center, indoor pool and outdoor pool, two 18-hole private golf courses, lighted tennis courts, boat ramp/dock, movie theater, bowling alley and much, much more!

With such outstanding amenities, friendly neighbors and scenic views of a lake or Active Adult Communities | Stay Active In Our Indoor Community Poolpreserve, working out is more like playing, and at active adult communities there’s no standing in line like at vacation destinations. The only line is the one with a hook at the end as you fish from Lake Ashton.

Why do we put such emphasis on exercise? We all know it helps when losing weight and increasing stamina; it’s great for the heart, the muscles, the lungs, and every other organ or part of our bodies. And we look better and feel better.

But now we know that exercise also enables us to recuperate faster and even prevent more serious problems. For example, a new study shows that people who are physically active before suffering a stroke may have less severe problems as a result and recover better compared to those who did not exercise before having a stroke. (Oct 21, 2008 print issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.)

And it couldn’t be easier than at active adult communities, like Lake Ashton, with its dozens of possibilities.

Active Adult Communities | Keep Your Brain Sharp In Our Community Computer LabEven the Internet is a good brain exercise. If you’re not Internet savvy, Lake Ashton has a computer lab so you can get up to speed. Compared with simple reading, the Internet’s wealth of choices requires that people make decisions about what to click on, an activity that engages important cognitive circuits in the brain, proving our brains are sensitive and can continue to learn no matter our age. Lake Ashton’s computer lab can show you how.

Don’t stick with the same boring exercise regimens. Enjoy your exercise by boating, golfing, or any one of the countless fun activities available at Florida active adult communities.