“Just One Mile!” From Your Retirement Community Home

Retirement Community Home - Convenient Nearby ShoppingRetirees dream for years about the perfect Retirement Community Home.  They raise their families, save their money and carefully plan for a happy and fulfilling retirement lifestyle. While there are several issues paramount in selecting a Retirement Community Home, retirees rate convenience as number one on the list!  “Just ONE mile!

Because of convenience and its close proximity to retail, dining, cultural events, entertainment, and shopping, retirees prefer to choose a Retirement Community Home like Lake Ashton in Lake Wales, Florida.  Lake Ashton is “Just ONE Mile” from a major shopping centers including Eagle Ridge Mall, Home Depot & Lowes as well as numerous specialty shops.

Retirement Community Home | Upscale Luxurious Homes For Today's Active AdultHow about being “Just ONE Mile” from emergency medical care, 12 Cinemas, causal and family dining, houses of worship, animal hospitals and groomers, and beauty salons.  Today’s retirees want to spend their time and energy living life, not stuck in traffic and driving long distances for life’s necessities. In addition to convenience, retirees also select Retirement Community Homes where they can feel connected to their new community.   They are looking for kinship, connectivity and a Retirement Community Home where “everybody knows my name.”

Retail and all other important services “Just ONE Mile” from home affords the retiree an opportunity to get to know the people who serve them.  If the produce manager at the grocery knows your name and preferences, you’re far more likely to get the freshest fruits and vegetables available.  Wouldn’t it be great if the local doctor and the retail clerks Retirement Community Home | Enter The Luxury Community Of Lake Ashton Just One Mileactually know your name and greet you genuinely and warmly when they see you?

Retirees want meaningful activity, convenience and connectivity.  They want to contribute to their Florida Retirement communities in a rewarding and fulfilling way.  They want to “Get a Life.” Just imagine choosing a Retirement Community Home where all of these goals can be realized in “Just ONE Mile!”