Lake Ashton: A Florida Retirement Community That Has What We Want

Florida Retirement Community | Find What You Want At Lake AshtonWhether you want to live a life of quiet passion or strut across the stage of life, you have found the ideal venue at a Florida Retirement Community like Lake Ashton.

Moreover, we want it all in a luxurious setting that embraces our spirit without compromise. It’s not just one thing, like having the facilities to stay fit or to finally get in shape. It’s not just about a sumptuous dining room, a refreshing swimming pool, or a challenging game of golf. We want the entire package.

Lake Ashton brings the entire package – plus a fresh approach to gated lifestyle communities that seniors appreciate. It is far from traditional Florida Retiement Community living.

This Florida Retirement community epitomizes today’s senior attitude without sacrificing lifestyle or luxury. It encourages residents to create their own adventure every day.

With a backdrop of ideal weather, theme parks and other fascinating destinations, The Florida Retirement Community of Lake Ashton presents the opportunity to explore ourselves and discover new opportunities, new talents, and new friends inside the senior community.

The Florida Retirement Community of Lake Ashton satisfies many passions. It has two 18-hole golf courses open year-round, just waiting for you to make that hole-in-one; or bowl a perfect game; or pull in that feisty bass from Lake Ashton’s 400+-acre lake; or participate in a rapid crossfire of tennis.

Florida Retirement Community | Two Challenging 18 Hole Golf Courses

You’ll want to check out the calendar, which includes a menu of fascination ranging from kayaking on the lake, ballroom dancing, lifelong learning, craft classes from custom framing to painting and ceramics, quilting, scrap booking, and so much more.

For those with the quiet passion, bikers, joggers and walkers will appreciate the quiet serenity afforded by the Florida Retirement Community of Lake Ashton. Others might prefer swimming, relaxing in the spa or sauna, or simply lounging in an everlasting stream of sunshine to while away the days. Movie aficionados will fancy the free weekly movies and live stage shows.

The library even has free 24-hour Internet access, so you can stay connected to family and friends.

Pets aren’t forgotten, either. The Lake Ashton Pet Play Parks were created for people to enjoy their dogs, and dogs to socialize with others.

On the off chance your favorite hobby or interest isn’t available, you are encouraged to call the activities director, Tricia Adams, at 324-6032, if you have an idea or a special interest to share.

But the amenities aren’t the only attraction at Lake Ashton; it’s the homes themselves. You might choose a single-family home or prefer the freedom and camaraderie of a motor coach garage home at your new Florida Retirement Community. Some delight in a life on the go, and want a community to reflect that particular lifestyle choice, with homes that accommodate recreational vehicles, and neighbors who share the same interests.

The Lake Ashton Florida Retirement Community is listening to today’s – and tomorrow’s – seniors, and responding to them with options and opportunities that are reverberating with intensity as Baby Boomers increasingly enter the senior community marketplace.

Florida Retirement Community | Share Your Retirement Dreams At Lake AshtonWe are different from previous senior generations. It’s all in our attitude. Even as we age, we are adventurous, have an uncompromising spirit, and value our independence.

We want it all. Most of all, we want the opportunity to live life on our own terms. We don’t want to relive our youth – we just want to stay youthful. Lake Ashton provides all that – and more – in its  Florida Retirement Community.