One Of The Best Places To Live In America Is Lake Ashton For Active Adults

Best Places To Live In America | Lake AshtonWhat are the best places to live in America? There are many reasons to ask this question but it all depends on what you are looking for. For older adults seeking to retire, moving can be a big choice. You have built a family, a career, a reputation and a circle of friends in your home community and leaving that behind can be challenging. Wherever you choose to go to has to be worth it. The process of moving is also stressful, and you want to make sure you will love your new home so that you do not find yourself looking to leave again in the near future. These are all reasons why you have to do your homework and choose carefully.

For retirees, Florida retirement communities have earned a good reputation as enjoyable and worthwhile destinations. Florida has become a veritable hotspot for active retirees looking to enjoy mild weather and good friends. But while Florida is one of the best places to live in America, not every destination in Florida is the same. There are many considerations to think about when choosing where in Florida is right for you.

Best Places To Live In America | Enjoy Challenging GolfFor example, if you love golf then the best places to live in America will need to have a golf course, and a good one. There is no experience quite like strolling the greens from hole to hole with good friends on a warm, breezy day. Golf clubs also offer a great place to lounge and enjoy drinks and conversation in between games. The best retirement communities have their own fully appointed golf course.

But, nature is also a big draw, and the natural splendor of Florida is part of what places it among the best places to live in America. Florida is a perfect place for boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, and relaxing in the blissful outdoors. Not every retirement community offers the same access to Florida’s natural beauty.

Last, the best places to retire all offer robust activities and amenities. You might want tennis, jogging, computer access, fine dining, a casual lounge, billiards, or many other Best Places To Live In America | Enjoy Your Retirement Years Togetheramenities – finding all of these in one place can be hard.

So is there one retirement community that offers all of this? There is, and it is called Lake Ashton. Lake Ashton has two championship golf courses, a club, 1200 acres of unspoiled Florida beauty, lakefront access, a clubhouse, a fitness center, tennis courts and of course facilities for dining and socializing. We truly believe it is one of the best places to live in America, and we think you will too.