One Of The Best Retirement Communities In Florida Is Lake Ashton In Lake Wales Florida

Best Retirement Communities | Enjoy Florida's ClimateWhat makes the best retirement communities in Florida stand out? There are many things that draw older adults to Florida, and the state offers hundreds of options for retirees to make their new homes. But not every community offers the same amenities, features and opportunities. If you are thinking of moving to Florida for your retirement, either year round or seasonally, it can be hard to sort through the many options available – but there are some factors you should be sure to consider. Here are few top priorities.

1. Location. Florida is a big state. Most of the state enjoys a beautiful climate with mild year-round weather and balmy, pleasant winters. However not every part of the state is the same. “Natural beauty” can mean many things in Florida, but it does not have to mean being cut off from civilization. If you want to enjoy the outdoors you probably want fresh air, good fishing, and pleasant nature walks. You probably do not want a swamp. The best retirement communities offer you all the most beautiful aspects of nature without the downside. Lake Ashton, one of the best Florida retirement communities, features a pristine lake and wooded surroundings with an easy drive to the beach or the city.

2. Living options. You do not want to be crowded into an apartment style setting if you are going to enjoy living the good life in beautiful Florida. Retirement is a time for peace, Best Retirement Communities | Enjoy Upscale Livingquiet and privacy as well as socializing. The best retirement communities offer individual single-family homes with enough space to spread out a bit, but still an easy walk or drive to everything that matters. At Lake Ashton there are multiple, customizable floor plans to choose from with a wide range of prices to suit any budget.

3. Activities and amenities. Peace and quiet is one thing, but you also want to enjoy yourself. Retirement is no fun if it is hard to meet like-minded individuals. The best retirement communities feature a variety of regular events and activities, ranging from social occasions like dances to group outings and sporting events. Lake Ashton includes a fitness center, two 18-hole golf courses, lighted tennis courts, boat landings and a clubhouse. It would be hard to find a more active and Best Retirement Communities | Enjoy Your Retirement And New Found Friendsfulfilling setting to enjoy retirement.

You have worked hard for your retirement and you deserve to enjoy it. There is simply no reason to accept anything less than the full Florida dream: good times, good friends and easy access to all the hobbies and activities you enjoy. If you want to experience one of the best retirement communities in the country, come visit us at Lake Ashton today.