The Best Jobs After Retirement

Just because you’ve moved into the Lake Ashton FL retirement community doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve completely given up work. Some people retire early but still want to keep some of the schedule that a job provides, or they simply want a bit of extra money for big travel plans. Whatever the reason you choose to keep working after retirement, here are some of the best jobs for people looking to transition from their careers into retirement. Continue reading

Local Things to Do: All-American Muscle Car Cruise at Old Town

Florida Retirement | Enjoy Your Retirement And New Found FriendsThe rumble of the engines. The gleam of the custom paint job. The shine of the polished chrome. These are just a few of the things that get the engines revving for muscle car enthusiasts. If you live at the retirement community in Lake Ashton FL and have a passion for muscle cars, then start planning for a trip to the All-American Muscle Car Cruise at Old Town Kissimmee. Continue reading

Retirement Planning in 2017

Seniors Golfing | Florida Retirement CommunitiesIf you’re nearing retirement age — or at least the age at which you plan to retire — it is important to make sure your finances are in order. As well as ensuring you have enough to live on throughout your retirement, including that nice home in a retirement community in Florida, it is important to understand the various related tax laws and requirements associated with your savings, retirement accounts, and Social Security. Continue reading

Hot New Superfoods for 2017

Senior LunchSuperfoods — foods rich in nutrients that are particularly beneficial for your health and well-being — have been the big catchword in health and nutrition circles for a while now. Yet what many people call superfoods, others, including many of those living in a FL retirement community, simply call healthy foods you know you should eat. While spinach, sweet potatoes, nuts, and salmon have been a part of many people’s healthy diets without needing to be called superfoods, there are other foods that haven’t always been common or popular until their health benefits have been highlighted. Each year, some new foods become the rising star of superfoods, and these are the ones that are going to be big in 2017. Continue reading

Six Things to Do After 60

Seniors On BeachEach new decade in our life seems to bring its own challenges and benefits. For some, their 50s may have brought new stresses and some new aches and pains, but it may also have brought more solid financial footing. With the arrival of your sixties, you may find yourself feeling more secure and confident. Now is the time to make the most of what you’ve been working toward, and a retirement community in FL is a great place to take stock and implement some of the six things you should probably be doing now you’ve reached your sixties. Continue reading

Getting Healthy in the New Year

Happy New YearAfter a summer spent traveling or taking part in the many local activities people enjoy as part of their Florida retirement, you may have started to sit back and relax this fall. Maybe you’re not getting out for quite as many long walks or laps in the pool and you may have indulged yourself at Thanksgiving, resulting in feeling a bit more lethargic and not as healthy as you could be. Fortunately, this is the time of year when many of us start making resolutions to get healthier and there are all sorts of apps to help, no matter what the need. Continue reading

Local Things to Do Series: LEGOLAND

One of the great things about choosing a Florida retirement location is the fact that friends and family will always want to visit. There’s no shortage of things to do to keep all ages entertained. However, when the grandkids visit, there’s one place that is an absolute must: LEGOLAND! This popular attraction is open all year, but if the grandchildren are going to be visiting during the holidays, don’t miss the Christmas Bricktacular. Continue reading

Things to Look for in a Fitness Tracker

Florida-Retirement-Communities-Lake-Ashton-Community-Clubhouse-Fitness-Center-006-021214Fitness trackers are increasing in popularity, and as a result, they’re also increasing in the variety of styles and the various functions they offer. Faced with the large choice of manufacturers, including FitBit, Epson, Mira, and Garmin, it can be difficult to narrow down the style that is right for you.  Fitness trackers are a smart choice for anyone living in a retirement community in FL, like Lake Ashton, where you can take advantage of the community’s many amenities. Here are some of the things to look for when choosing a tracker. Continue reading

Local Things to Do Series: Fantasy of Flight

fantasy-of-flightAs powerful and technologically advanced as planes are today, most people find flying to be an arduous task full of long lines and cramped seating. Yet flying used to be a much more glamorous experience and the planes evoked a sense of amazement and excitement. Fortunately, residents of Lake Ashton, a Florida retirement community, can relive and experience the beauty and thrill of a bygone era at the Fantasy of Flight museum in Polk City. Continue reading