Retirement Communities for the Active Adult

Retirement Communities | Lake Ashton Community Clubhouse EntryHave you ever dreamed of your retirement? The best retirement communities offer you freedom, fun, and friends. Some put you on a schedule and you have to eat when they say, participate in activities that you do not enjoy, and sleep in a room that you rent. Lake Ashton is one of the premier retirement communities in Florida that offers you the freedom to enjoy the activities you love, eat when and where you like, and let you do as you please. Envision your future. Where do you see yourself for your retirement years?

The History of Retirement

There used to not be such a thing as retirement or even a retirement community. Elderly people did not exist. In the Stone Age, most people likely did not make it beyond age 20, generally due to unnatural causes. In Biblical times, where there were far more people making it to older age, retirement still did not exist. It was customary in those times to carry on and work hard until one’s passing.

As time passed, the elderly population increased. By medieval times, the older population was on a steady rise. Town elders rose and gained more prominence as respected advice givers and counselors. Cotton Mather, who is credited with stimulating the national appetite for witch trials, was among the first to try and force the elderly to retire but the idea was not popular at the time.

In 1883, Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck offered to pay a mention to any nonworking German over the age of 65. This set the standard for the year at which old age begins and established the precedent that the government should fund citizens as they grew older. Retirement came to the United States during the Industrial Revolution, when the elderly were slowing down assembly lines and more productive younger men with families needed work. Since then, retirement has grown into what it is today.

The History of Retirement Communities

A retirement community is generally age-restricted or age-qualified, the residents must be partially or fully retired, and the community offers shared services or amenities. There are many different types of retirement communities such as independent living communities, mobile homes or RV’s for active adults, leisure or lifestyle oriented communities which include various amenities, assisted living communities that provide all the daily services seniors need in an apartment or condo style environment, and continuing care retirement communities that generally offer an independent living unit, residential amenities, and access to a continuum of long-term care services as a resident’s health and social needs change over time.

Some of the best retirement states offer a warm climate for year round fun. Florida, Arizona, California and Texas are increasingly being sought after by retirees. Youngstown, Arizona was the first age-restricted community. Del Webb opened Sun City, Arizona with the active adult concept in 1960. These areas largely market to the older adults who are financially secure and seek an active adult lifestyle.

About Lake Ashton

Lake Ashton is located in one of the best retirement states, Lake Wales, Florida. Lake Wales is located in the central part of Florida. Situated between Orlando and Tampa, Retirement Communities | Lake Ashton Not Your Retirement Community Of The Pastyou are just a short drive away from the fun and adventures both main cities have to offer. You are also about an equal distance away from either coast, giving you the ability to explore one of the best retirement states in the country without being too far away from your home.

With over 1,200 acres of choice virgin ranch land, our community fronts the waters of Lake Ashton and offers you an active lifestyle and security. Our amenities include a 26,000 square foot clubhouse, a 30,000 square foot health and fitness center, and not one but two 18-hole private golf courses for your enjoyment. We also offer you the opportunity to own your home starting from the low $200’s and customize it to match your tastes. Lake Ashton is the best place to retire among Florida retirement communities.

We offer an indoor and outdoor pool, lighted tennis courts, a boat ramp, Movie Theater, bowling alley and more. The clubhouse features a dining room and lounge, a grand ballroom, library and game room, arts and crafts room and a computer lab. Our Health and fitness center gives you the opportunity to look as great as you feel with access to a personal trainer and nutritionist, indoor track, indoor basketball court, weight room and sauna to name a few. The golf courses are private championship courses, which also has a driving range. You also have access to the Eagles’ Nest Sports Pub and our fully appointed pro shop. Lake Ashton offers it all in one place and is the perfect retirement community for adults who want to feel young even as they age.

The Best Among Florida Retirement Communities

If you are an active adult who loves outdoor activities, then you want to pick a retirement community that offers you the ability to live your life the way you want. You want to pick a community in one of the best retirement states this country has to offer due to the warm climate and the ability to partake in outdoor events and hobbies year round. Once you have chosen the best retirement states for you (hopefully Florida is one), you will want to decide if you prefer to own your home or to rent the place in which you reside.

Some retirement communities in Florida offer you the ability to own your own house while other Florida retirement communities allow you to own the land and park your RV on it. If you are an avid traveler you may look for retirement communities in Florida that offer you a parking pad for your RV and a small villa or one that offers you a full sized home with a motor coach garage attached, like Lake Ashton.

Another factor to consider are your hobbies, when choosing retirement communities in Florida. If you thoroughly enjoy golfing or fishing, then you want to find a community that caters to these hobbies. You may also be interested in playing Bridge, watching movies, and dancing. You will want to be sure that the retirement community you move into will offer these events even if they are not on a daily basis plus more. Maybe they offer a painting class you would like to attend and see if you even enjoy painting. It is always better to find retirement communities that offer you more activities than what you might enjoy. After all, you do not want to be bored when there is so much offered at many retirement communities in Florida.

For some people, they may prefer a more structured schedule for dining and events, while other people prefer more autonomy to do as they please. Some Florida retirement communities require their residents to eat together, play together, and be on the same sleep schedule. Lake Ashton allows you the independence you want and need. If you want to have friends over at your house for brunch or family time in the city then you are free to do as you please. If you want to dance or golf or not, then you have the freedom to choose what you will partake in on any given day.

Steps to Take When Looking At Retirement Communities

When you have chosen the best retirement states and have narrowed down the types of retirement communities in which you are interested in living, you should start doing research. Request brochures, take tours of the retirement communities, and ask a lot of questions. After all, this is the place you will be spending the rest of your life so you want to be sure that the retirement community you choose will reflect your choices and your lifestyle.

We invite you to visit Lake Ashton thought our exclusive “Great Escape” program. You will stay overnight at the local Hampton Inn at our special rate. A personal retirement community representative will take you on a guided tour of our Clubhouse, Health and Fitness Center, our custom model homes, and more. You will also see a variety of home sites including interior, golf course, and lake view. You will get to enjoy a snack and a refreshing beverage at the Eagles Nest Sports Pub. You will also meet our Activities Director, Wellness Coordinator, and Golf Pro in addition to our residents.

As you meet our staff and our homeowners, you will see why we have received numerous “Community of the Year” awards since our opening in 2002. Plus, you will see that the most important quality is the happiness of our homeowners. The best way to be sold on any retirement community is to talk to the residents. If you are unable to spend the day with us, we do invite you to make reservations for a short visit and please feel free to bring some of your family with you on the tour.

Once you have toured the different Florida retirement communities and read through the brochures, it is a good idea to maybe search online for reviews of the community and ask your friends and family what they have heard about your top choices of retirement communities. We also recommend sleeping on your final choice for retirement communities in Florida and see if in a couple of days you still feel the same way. This is truly a big decision so you want to be sure that you have chosen wisely and be confident with your final choice.

Retirement Communities | Two Private World Class 18 Hole Golf CoursesShould you decide that Florida retirement communities are not for you, then we hope that you have chosen another quality retirement community in one of the other best retirement states. There are many, many options for retirement communities and there are many reasons why you might choose one over another. We do hope that you will consider Lake Ashton as a top choice on your list of retirement communities in Florida. Visit us online to request a free brochure. Not only will you receive an extensive information packet about our active adult community, but you will also receive the award winning Ashton Links monthly eNewsletter where you can read about what’s happening here.

Contact us today to sign up for a tour of Lake Ashton and see for yourself all the great features and amenities our community offers. We invite you to learn more about our retirement community and are available to answer all your questions. Take the opportunity to talk to our staff and residents to find out what they like best about Lake Ashton and why they chose our community as one of the best Florida retirement communities. There are many active adult retirement communities but Lake Ashton is the premier place to retire.