We are the Best in Retirement Community Homes

Retirement Community Homes | Luxurious Active Adult LivingHave you thought about spending the future in one of the many retirement community homes available in Florida? With all of the options out there, it can be quite a nerve racking decision. Nobody wants to have buyer’s remorse after buying the home in which they will spend their golden years.

You can spend months looking around for the home that fits best into the life you want to live. However, a better way is to find a home would be to go directly to the best in active retirement living. CRF Communities specializes in making retirement an adventure for all of our residents. Our retirement community homes have many amenities to choose from as well as beautiful homes.

We have a 26,000 square foot clubhouse where there are many activities for you. You can either participate in activities that others have started, or you may choose to start Retirement Community Homes | Stay Active Playing Shuffleboard And Tennissome of your own. Maybe you would enjoy inviting friends to a weekly game night, or to just hang out and listen to music.

There is also a 30,000 square foot fitness center if you want to keep things even more active. Our fitness center is a great place to work out or maybe even socialize. We are the best when it comes to Florida retirement communities.

Affordable Retirement Community Homes Among Active Adults

Our homes are also affordable to anyone, because they start at an affordable price. We have built our community on over 1200 acres of beautiful ranch land that borders the lovely Lake Ashton. We have also provided a dock and boat ramp for you to enjoy the lake.

You can spend your days boating with your spouse, and maybe have a picnic lunch by the lake. You can also get up early and enjoy a day of fishing, if this is your retirement dream. After a day on the lake, you can have a nice dinner and then go Retirement Community Homes | Enjoy Golf On Both Of Our 18 Hole World Class Golf Courseswatch a blockbuster movie at our state of the art theater.

Maybe you are not a sit and watch kind of person. Our community also has its own bowling alley, where you can bowl a game with friends, or just use the facility as another way to be social.

Just because you are retiring does not mean you have to sit on the sofa. Some people actually choose to be more active after they retire. You will have many more opportunities to live an active lifestyle when living at CRF Communities. Come and let us introduce you and your spouse to our active retirement community homes.