Why Retirement in Florida is a Top Choice

Retirement In Florida | Enjoy Your Golden Years In Style At Lake AshtonRetirement living is a big decision and it should be taken very seriously. With so many things to consider, from size to budget to benefits, one of the biggest decisions is: where to live! Florida is one of the most popular and highly sought after places to retire, and rightfully so. Retirement living in Florida offers a lifestyle like no other and with so many exciting options to choose from, it’s no surprise that many retirees would consider active adult communities in the sunshine state. Now is the time to learn why retirement in Florida is a great choice and how to choose the right home from among the best retirement communities in Florida.

Choosing a Retirement Community

So you are going into retirement. What does that mean for you? How will your life change? What type of community might be best for you? These might seem like common sense questions, but in actuality, these are very valid concerns that many new retirees face every day. With that in mind, it all begins with where you plan on spending your retirement. Naturally, you want to live in one of the best retirement communities in Florida. Naturally, you will want a location where you can be comfortable, perhaps a place near your family or at the very least, a place where they can visit and there is much to do and enjoy. You might seek a lifestyle where you don’t have to travel far to enjoy simple amenities like outdoor parks, lakes or malls. Perhaps you want to be close to the finest medical facilities to stay on top of your health. You might want the convenience of a city nearby, yet the quiet of a local community. Maybe you desire a place with amenities on site or nearby that cater to a vibrant lifestyle, like that of many progressive active adult communities.

All of these factors are so important when it comes to choosing a retirement community. You have standards and you should never compromise your wants or needs because retirement is a way of life you should enjoy. That’s why Florida is among the best when it comes to retirement. Florida offers many of these options among many others, making it easy to find a place that fits all of your needs and more. Read on to learn why Florida stands out as a star among retirees and how retirement living in Florida might just be the best choice for you.

Why Florida is the Place to Be

When you choose Florida, you choose paradise. For many, this is exactly the case when they decide to go with retirement in Florida. From the sandy white tropical beaches, to the abundance of attractions, to the mild year-round weather and relaxed vacation-style atmosphere, it is no surprise retirees fall in love with retirement living in Florida. There is truly so much to offer, the options really are endless. Florida’s expanse of flat land makes it excelleRetirement In Florida | Join The Kayak And Canoe Clubnt for recreational sports like tennis or golf. The abundance of lakes, springs, rivers, and beaches are perfect for a wide variety of water activities including: boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, jet skiing, paddle boarding, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing, and so much more.

Explorers can enjoy the many historical monuments, museums, landmarks, and preserved grounds native to Florida, all rich in history and culture. Food lovers need look no further, with a vast array of cuisines and some of the best tropical water seafood around. Florida is full of life, experiences, and opportunities to truly live out your golden years in both excitement and indulgence. With all these thrilling options that come with retirement living in Florida, you might wonder what retirement in Florida is really like, up close and personal. Let’s take a closer look.

Common Questions about Florida Retirement Lifestyle

When looking for one of the best retirement communities in Florida, you are bound to have questions. Below are some areas of concern regarding retirement living in Florida and a better understanding of what to expect.

1. Tourism

It’s true that Florida is a busy state and their number one industry is tourism. However, this truth does not mean that every area of Florida will be bombarded with tourists at every moment, all the time. Even if you live in Central Florida, home to the world-famous Disney World, residents experience a very different lifestyle than the tourists who visit every year. Truth be told, Florida is home to a plethora of natural wonders and excursions that many tourists never experience. From the majestic Bok Tower Gardens, to the many beautiful natural springs and state parks, there is much to do and see outside of the popular tourist areas.

2. Cost of Living

Another misnomer is that retirement in Florida is extremely expensive. As with any place, the cost of living can be more in certain areas than others, but there are many affordable retirement communities that are also very luxurious. Believe it or not, some of the best retirement communities in Florida are very cost friendly! Many also offer excellent financing plans for the budget conscious retiree.

3. Stability

Retirement is a time to relax. With Florida being a rather transient state, one might wonder if this is possible. The answer is: absolutely! If anything, Florida offers some of the most relaxing places in the south! With beaches nearby less than an hour and a half away at nearly any point in the state, you are sure to enjoy much rest and relaxation in Florida. Florida manages to carefully balance thrills with chills in a way that no other place can.

4. Weather

Florida may be a tropical paradise most of the year but for some, they might be concerned with storm season. As with any location, Florida does experience storms, however, most of the year you can expect warm, mild and comfortable weather. Yes, Florida gets its share of rain, but often it is fleeting and temporary. It is not out of the ordinary for a quick shower to pass through, followed by sunny skies for the rest of the day. Winters are quite mild, compared with other parts of the country and cold fronts often leave as quickly as they appear, during wintertime.

Retirement in Florida at Lake Ashton

Lake Ashton is your premier choice when it comes to choosing active adult communities in Central Florida. Nestled amid 1,200 acres of gorgeous, natural Florida ranch land located alongside the pristine waters of Lake Ashton, you can expect great things at one of the best retirement communities in Florida. Lake Ashton boasts true elegance paired with amazing value. Enjoy quality construction, excellent design, top level security, abundant amenities, all while capturing the quintessential Florida lifestyle at an affordable cost! It does not get any better than this! Retirees seeking superior retirement living in Florida will certainly find it with Lake Ashton’s active adult community.

Lake Ashton is proudly developed by Century Residential, a nationally recognized planner of active adult communities for over 30 years. Located right between Orlando and Tampa in beautiful Lake Wales, FL, Lake Ashton is conveniently close to an array of attractions, activities and more. If you are looking for the ultimate experience for retirement in Florida, Lake Ashton has it all! This secure, gated active adult community offers a 26,000-sq.ft. club house, a 30,000-sq.ft. health and fitness center, an indoor and outdoor pool, lighted tennis courts, two 18-hole privately owned golf courses, pickle ball courts, a boat ramp with dock, a grand movie theater, a bowling alley and much more! Lake Ashton’s single-family homes are affordably priced and motor coach garage homes are also available.

For retirees who are green conscious, the Islander Series of homes at Lake Ashton are green certified and gives residents the opportunity to live in beautiful, energy efficient homes for advanced comfort, better indoor quality and an improved lifestyle. These homes come equipped with more insulation, energy saving appliances, and water saving plumbing fixtures. Plus, you enjoy environment safe floor coverings and paints designed to give you better quality indoor air. Lake Ashton’s “Environments for Living” program allows quality state of the art homes to be designed to save earth’s resources, promote a healthier lifestyle and also save you money! The program meets specific building standards, so that homes are more comfortable, durable, safe, healthy, energy-efficient and water-efficient!

At Lake Ashton, you can rest assured that you will enjoy exceptional value for your money! Also, take advantage of special home financing programs, an excellent homeowners’ warranty, and enjoy a professional and highly experienced staff. At Lake Ashton, retirement in Florida is everything you could want and more. Lake Ashton is among the best retirement communities in Florida.

Visit Lake Ashton and Learn More About Real Retirement Living in Florida

Experience Lake Ashton as it was meant to be with the “Great Escape” program. It allows you the opportunity to visit Lake Ashton and experience retirement in Florida for yourself! Stay overnight at the nearby Holiday Inn Express, for a discounted rate and truly take time to enjoy what Central Florida has to offer. Meet the amazing staff and existing homeowners to learn more about the many amenities and benefits that come with residing in one of the best retirement communities in Florida. Learn more about how Lake Ashton compares to other active adult communities in the area and experience firsthand, the Lake Ashton lifestyle.

Your visit to Lake Ashton will include a guided tour of the impressive Clubhouse, expansive Health and Fitness Center, custom model homes, and the many scenic sights that surround this beautiful community. See why neighbors near and far love the lush golf courses, experience first-class service at the on-site Eagles Nest Sports Pub, and take time to learn more about the many available activities residents enjoy when you chat with the activities director. The tour also includes a conversation with the wellness coordinator to gain a clearer understanding of the many sports and health activities available to Lake Ashton’s valued residents. You will also have time to talk with Lake Ashton’s own tenants. After all, what better way to learn about retirement living in Florida than directly from the source?

Lake Ashton also offers a free, informational packet to help you learn more about the community and what it means to enjoy comfortable and affordable retirement living in Florida. This is especially helpful if you are not able to stay at Lake Ashton the entire day. You can request one on site or have conveniently mailed to you. Lake Ashton also has an award-winning “Ashton Links” monthly eNewsletter to keep you up today with all the many exciting happenings at Lake Ashton and the surrounding area. How many active adult communities offer this many benefits to existing, new, and prospective residents?

Tips for Making the Most of Your Retirement in Florida

As a retiree, it’s important to make the most of your golden years. Once you’ve settled into one of Florida’s great active adult communities, make sure to follow these valuable tips to keep enjoying your hard-earned retirement! First, you should stay invested. Look into investing more in bonds, to help lessen your overall risk. Fixed-income securities, Retirement In Florida | Enjoy Fine Dining Right In The Communitylike bonds have the tendency to provide a higher income than a money market or savings account. However, remember to gauge your risks because with increasing lifespans, you want to make sure you have enough savings to cover more than potentially 35 years of retirement.

It’s also important to closely watch your spending in retirement. Sit down and create a realistic snapshot of what you can comfortably pay and fit this into your budget for the time when you will no longer work. Budgeting before retirement is a great way to prepare, but also implementing discretionary spending during retirement will also greatly impact your income for the future years. Factors to consider include rent, groceries, utilities, travels, entertainment and so on. Also, save extra money for unexpected situations as well.

Retirement is no small accomplishment. It requires making big decisions about one of the most important times in your life. Make the right choices and educate yourself about the many benefits of retirement in Florida.