Getting the Most out of Retirement in Florida

Retirement In Florida | Luxurious HomesWhether you have dreamed of living in the Sunshine State or you’ve lived there all your life, retirement in Florida offers all sorts of opportunities. Lake Ashton is one of the best places to get the most out of your Florida retirement. Lake Ashton makes it easy to stay active, enjoy traveling with a home to return to, and has plenty of interesting sites and attractions to visit for a day or a weekend.

Plenty of Ways to Stay Active

There’s no reason that you can’t stay active when you retire. Lake Ashton offers many amenities for residents to enjoy. There is a clubhouse, a health and fitness center, and two golf courses that each bring their own options. Bowling, billiards, swimming, tennis, boating, and so many other activities await! On nice days you can enjoy the Florida sun outdoors, and on hot or rainy days, you can enjoy the many offerings of the clubhouse or the fitness center. There’s no reason to be bored at Lake Ashton.

Enjoy the Freedom to Travel

Retirement In Florida | Enjoy The Grand Community ClubhouseRetirement in Florida doesn’t mean that you have to stay in Florida year round! Many retirees enjoy traveling during their golden years. With a home at Lake Ashton you can travel to see family as much as you like and still have a place to return to. If you enjoy traveling in the comfort of your own motor coach, you can buy a home with a garage for it. Don’t worry about what to do with it when you’re home for awhile, but enjoy the freedom of taking it on a trip whenever you feel like it!

Local Attractions for Your Retirement in Florida

Florida has many attractions to offer in the way of entertainment. Orlando and Tampa both have theme parks to enjoy, as well as local and touring theater productions. St. Augustine has its famous Castillo and historical section, and there are beaches all along the Florida coast. Whether you want to enjoy a day at a theme park, the beach, or taking in some fascinating historical sights, there is plenty to do. Whether you simply want to take a day trip or spend a weekend, the local options from your Lake Ashton home offer plenty of wonderful activities.

Retirement In Florida | Take A Trip To The BeachWhy would you want to pass up the opportunity to live in Lake Ashton, one of the best of Florida retirement communities? Lake Ashton has the amenities to offer you a variety of ways to stay active, is set up give you the freedom to travel as much as you like, and is driving distance from any number of popular Florida spots. Let Lake Ashton help you get the most out of your retirement in Florida!