RV Garage Homes Featured on Television

RV Garage Homes | Magellan Green Certified Class A Motor Coach Garage HomeHave you ever watched TV and thought I would love to live in one of those RV garage homes? If so, then you may have seen Lake Ashton featured on CNN’s United Shades of America. Whether you own an RV now or are looking to purchase one upon retirement, then you may want a secure place to store your home away from home. Lake Ashton not only offers you RV garage homes but we also offer you the security you want in Florida retirement communities.

Have you ever been out traveling the country without a worry, only to come home and find that your house was broken into and even ransacked while you were away? Even if it has not happened to you directly, you may know someone who has experienced this loss. It leaves you feeling violated and insecure. Our RV community features gated access so you can be sure whether you are away from home in your RV home or you are at home, that you are safe and so are your belongings. After all, safety is so important to your mental and emotional well-being.

Retirement is a time to have fun with little worries and we help to ensure that you are having a lot more fun and a lot less worry during your retirement years. Lake Ashton is the perfect RV community because you can come and go as you please. If you want to travel, you can do so at your leisure to wherever you want for as long as you would like. When you are here, you will have the freedom and luxury to swim, golf, play tennis, and partake in any of our planned monthly activities. Maybe you prefer a quiet evening at home instead of participating in any of the community’s going-ons. You are free to do that as well.

There are many motorhome communities that expect you to be away more often then you are home. We welcome you to come and go as you please and be home or home away from home as long as you like. Your home is yours. Some RV communities will not allow you to “rent” your parking pad while you are traveling. When you decide to come home to your community, you could end up “renting” a less than ideal parking pad. This is not the case at Lake Ashton since you own your home and the land on which it sits.

Independence in Florida Retirement Communities

Lake Ashton offers you the amenities and features you want in motorhome communities. Whether you are here or on the road, you have security. You have friends and neighbors and things to do to have fun and stay fit. Our RV community features a 26,000 square foot clubhouse and a 30,000 square foot health and fitness center. We have not one, but two, 18-hole private golf courses. We have tennis courts, pickle ball courts, indoor and outdoor pools, a bowling alley, a movie theater, and so much more. We even have a boat ramp and dock if you enjoy fishing or boating.

One of the best things about our RV community is that you have the opportunity to own your own home. We offer single family RV garage homes at affordable prices. Plus, you can customize your home with all the design features you have ever wanted. Lake Ashton is a dream come true and one of the best RV communities in Florida. As a matter of fact, we are one of the only motorhome communities in Florida that offers you the ability to own your spacious home as well as having access to everything our RV community has to offer.

About Our RV Garage Homes

Maybe you saw some of our RV garage homes on the United Shades of America television show. Our Adventure series of homes all feature motor coach garages as well as a two car garage. Your main home can consist of two or three bedrooms or two or RV Garage Homes | Elegantly Appointed Class A Motor Coach Garage Homesthree bathrooms starting at 1,290 square feet. For example, our Champlain series home is 1,290 square feet and features two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This floor plan is ideal for the retired couple who loves to travel. Our Cartier floor plan is 2,560 square feet and includes three bedrooms and three bathrooms and is great for couples who love to entertain or to invite guests over for the weekend. Plus, all our homes feature a living room, a dining room, screened verandas, and more.

You get to own your own home! At Lake Ashton we have exceptional financing options that allow you the freedom and independence of fee simple home ownership. You do not rent your home or live where someone else has lived. Instead, we build your home from the ground up with your desired design features and upgrades. Not only are the homes themselves affordable, but you get great value with all your design upgrades and access to all the common areas. What more could you ever want from Florida retirement communities? Lake Ashton is one of a kind!

Other motorhome communities may offer you common areas such as a clubhouse, but they may expect you to live in your RV all year long. They do not provide you with additional space to call your own and stretch your legs. Some motorhome communities may give you a parking pad and electric hook ups for your RV but even then, you may have to rent the spot instead of owning it. Where is the fun in that? It is so much better to be able to come home to a spacious house that allows you to securely park your motorhome. Therefore, it is better to consider motorhome communities that offer you more space than just a slab of concrete. Lake Ashton is your ideal choice for RV communities because we offer you RV garage homes in addition to common areas like our huge clubhouse.

Going Green

Our RV garage homes are Certified Green. We feel that part of living the independent, active adult life includes living in homes that are more comfortable, durable, healthy, safe, and energy and water efficient than conventionally built RV garage homes. Our “Environments for Living” program started with our Islander series homes which do not feature RV garages. These homes meet specific building standards and are designed to save earth’s resources, create better air quality, and save you money.

Since then, we have expanded the program to include our RV garage homes. Our “Green” homes provide you with greater insulation, energy saving appliances, and water saving plumbing fixtures. The floor coverings and paints used are rated to provide greater indoor air quality thus enabling you to live in a healthier environment. Who would have thought a RV community would have so much forethought to better the health of its residents and the environment? There are no other Florida retirement communities that we are aware of that offer the types of environmentally and health friendly options like Lake Ashton.

Energy Efficient Homes

Save money every month on your utility bill and live in comfort with Energy Efficient homes. Energy prices are a major concern for consumers, especially for active adults RV Garage Homes | Energy Efficient Green Class A Motor Coach Garage Homeswho might be on a fixed income. You will be glad to know that we use Energy Star appliances saving you about a third of your energy bill. An energy efficient home also features the systems working with systems concept. This means that in order to keep your home running efficiently the air sealing and insulation used in your home performs to higher expectations, ducts prevent leakage, advanced windows, moisture management, HVAC requirements, carbon monoxide detectors and more. An independent inspection and testing company comes out to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

Advanced Comfort

Advanced Comfort means you get a home with an open floor plan, high ceilings, and the Florida sunshine flooding your rooms with natural daylight. We are the Sunshine State, after all! Yet, despite the sun coming in, your home is perfectly cooled to your degree of satisfaction. The advanced comfort feature means your rooms are evenly cooled and heated saving you money and keeping you comfortable from room to room via air flow management, pressure balancing, and air circulation.

Advanced Durability is also important to ensure that water and moisture do not adversely affect your home. We implement multiple moisture management features to enhance your home’s durability. The right sized HVAC equipment and our fresh air ventilation systems help to address humidity together.

Indoor Air Quality

Breathe a bit easier at Lake Ashton with ensured indoor air quality. Our homes have a comprehensive prescription for better indoor environmental quality. Our homes address the concerns of your indoor life. This is done through building science that gives you a tight, pressure balanced home to decrease undated drafts and poor quality air entering from undesirable areas such as your garage. Our fresh air ventilation system delivers filtered fresh air that helps reduce dust, odors, and indoor contaminants. Healthier air is also achieved through the paints and carpets used in the home that give off only low volatile organic compounds and more.

Our “Environments for Living” program is a green home program you can believe in. It is certified through an independent third party organization. Our program is a national turn-key comprehensive green building solution and was mentioned on the CNN television show. You will not find other RV communities with this kind of dedication to the environment and its residents anywhere.

Lake Ashton Makes it Possible

Never before has elegance and value come together in perfect harmony. Our master planned, active adult, RV community features everything you could want in Florida retirement communities and more. We have set the standards of excellence in design, construction, amenities, lifestyle, security, and affordability among all other motorhome communities.

Plus, our area is beautiful and offers you serenity and relaxation every day of the year. Our RV community is set on over 1,200 acres of choice virgin ranch land and fronts the serene waters of Lake Ashton. The Lake Wales area boasts of delicious diners, fancy boutiques, and the events and attractions that you are sure to enjoy. Whether you have guests in from out of town and want to visit Bok Tower or your family is in town with the hopes of going to Legoland, you are not far from any of it. Yet, you are far enough away where the traffic and chaos of a big city will not hinder your ability to relax and enjoy life. This is how retirement is supposed to be and we look forward to making that possible for you in one of the best Florida retirement communities.

Imagine yourself living in Lake Ashton. You are able to enjoy fun in the sun in the pool. You are able to stay fit and healthy in our well-equipped fitness center. You can easily RV Garage Homes | Stay Active And Enjoy Florida's Wonderful Climate Year Roundchoose to spend a day in the local area or travel in your motor coach for an extended period of time. You are able to park your RV at your own house with our RV garage homes instead of parking it away from home or on a parking pad that is your home like in other RV communities. You have the ability to partake in any of the events of activities that our RV community offers including dancing, cards, and more. When it comes to motorhome communities, Lake Ashton has it figured out and passes on the luxury without the expense to you. What more could you want out of Florida retirement communities?

As you saw on television, Florida retirement communities come in all shapes and sizes and cater to many different lifestyles. Lake Ashton is a RV community that caters to an independent and active lifestyle. Other RV communities may stand for freedom but they do not have the amenities to stay active while you are home. If you want a place that stands for freedom, fun, functionality, and friends then choose Lake Ashton by Century Residential. You will have the ability to live an active lifestyle, travel and tour, spend time with friends and family, and live comfortably in state of the art, “green” RV garage homes. Contact us today to learn more!