Lake Ashton – An Ideal Senior Citizen Community

Senior Citizen Community | Enjoy Time With Family And FriendsA senior citizen community like Lake Ashton combines the independence of living in your own home with the benefits of a club. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t enjoy your own home just because you’re retired, but it is nice to savor the company of other active and interesting people who share interests and hobbies. At Lake Ashton you can appreciate the benefits of living in a community of other seniors, while having your own home to relax in at the end of the day.

Stay Social in a Senior Citizen Community

Florida retirement communities like Lake Ashton offer great amenities to residents. The clubhouse has a variety of things for residents to do. It features a ballroom, a library, and an arts and crafts room, complete with a kiln! There’s even a bowling center and a theater with surround-sound. There is always something to do with your friends, or activities where you can meet new friends.

Senior Citizen Community | Relax In Our Outdoor Hot TubsThere is also a fitness center with a pool, weights, a track, and so much more. A personal trainer can guide you through a routine, or you can go with a friend to get in a good work out. There is so much more to do at Lake Ashton! With a lake for boating and fishing, two championship golf courses, tennis courts and plenty of space for walking and jogging, there’s no reason not to spend some time outside. Spend time with your friends and meet new friends in a senior citizen community like Lake Ashton.

Find the Right Home

At Lake Ashton you can pick the right home for you. With different styles of homes that each have a range of sizes, you will be able to find the perfect place for your retirement. If you have a motor coach and travel, you can get a house with a garage for your motor coach. If you don’t see yourself ever owning a motor coach, then you would prefer a house Senior Citizen Community | Luxurious, Upscale Homesfrom the Islander series. You can pick your house based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the size of the garage. Take a look at the options, and you’re sure to find the right home for you.

Your retirement can be spent in a home you love and delighting in the activities that make you happy. Spend time basking in your golden years with all of this at your fingertips! Get the right home, enjoy the Florida weather and the indoor amenities, and let retirement be all that it should be. This senior citizen community is one of the best ways to enjoy it all!