Lake Ashton – Senior Citizens Communities Like No Other

Senior Citizens Communities | Spend Time With Family And FriendsLake Ashton is a great place for senior citizens. Communities like this one are designed to provide independence while promoting an active lifestyle. Retirement is meant to be enjoyed, and Lake Ashton enables you to get more out of your golden years. The freedom to live your life as you choose with the amenities to make enjoying it easy are right at your fingertips. Why shouldn’t you live life to the fullest while enjoying all that Lake Ashton has to offer?

Senior Citizens’ Communities for Independent Living

The best part about your retirement is the well-earned freedom! You should take advantage of that freedom, and Lake Ashton can help. Whether you want to travel or you just want to be able to enjoy the local scenery, this community offers it all. With homes that vary in size and layout, you can choose the right house for your needs. Even better, there is a line of homes that offer an RV garage! Travel regularly and still have a place to park your RV when you come home.

Senior Citizens Communities | Stay Active And Fit In Your Retirement YearsIf you do not like traveling as far, enjoy the local scenery. Lake Ashton’s convenient location lends itself to visiting the nearby theme parks like Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, and Busch Gardens. Come and go as you please, and enjoy the freedom to live your life with all the amenities of a retirement community.

The Options for an Active Lifestyle

Many senior citizens’ communities claim to focus on fostering an active lifestyle, but how many offer the numerous amenities of Lake Ashton? With a clubhouse and a health and fitness center, there are plenty of options! Tennis, basketball, swimming, and weight training are some of the options for staying fit and active. The two golf courses and boat access on the lake are also great opportunities for enjoying your hobbies.

The clubhouse offers options such as a ballroom, bowling lanes, a surround-sound theater, and an arts and crafts room. There is even a kiln for those into pottery! There is no Senior Citizens Communities | Relax At The Community Clubhouse Poolexcuse for boredom or inactivity with so many choices. Whatever your hobbies and exercise preferences, you should be able to enjoy them during your retirement.

Whether you stay close to home or come home in between your travels, you deserve to have plenty of options. Spend your retirement doing the things that you most enjoy. Florida retirement communities are popular for a reason. Retiring to Florida means living the dream for many senior citizens. Communities like Lake Ashton are the key to an independent and active retirement!