The Pinnacle of the 55 Retirement Community

55 Retirement Community | Live Along The Shores Of Beautiful Lake AshtonIf you are over 55, retirement community living may be appealing to you. Many retirees look to Florida’s sunny shores for affordable, comfortable living that suits an active lifestyle and a desire to live your retirement to the fullest.

Finding such a community, however, can be a challenge. While many communities in Florida are suitable for retirees, not all of them cater to the needs of an aging but still vibrant and active community.

At Lake Ashton, a CRF community, we specialize in offering beautiful and affordable homes and RV garage homes for individuals over 55. Retirement community living has never been so exciting or grand as it is at picturesque Lake Ashton.

Over 55? Retirement Community Living Isn’t the Dull Life You May Think

Lake Ashton residents know that being retired is anything but sedate or sleepy. Most retirees dread retirement as the end of their dreams, travels, and activity, but nothing could be further from the truth. Find a community that understands that retirement is just the next step toward fun!

55 Retirement Community | Live Among All That Is Florida In Centrally Located Beautiful Lake AshtonOne of the most beautiful and active Florida retirement communities, Lake Ashton is located in Lake Wales Florida, conveniently situated between Orlando and Tampa and providing easy access to both major metropolitan areas, cultural museums and theaters, acres of wetland and nature preserves, and some of the most popular tourist attractions and theme parks in the world.

If you are over 55, living in a retirement community may be an option you have ignored as too boring or too expensive, but Lake Ashton offers exciting nearby amenities in conjunction with spectacular community amenities and an affordable cost. For the physically active retiree, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness center, and tennis courts provide hours of entertainment. Two full, private golf courses, an in-community movie theater, and a bowling alley are also exclusively and locally available to residents.

Additionally, you have your choice of beautiful homes in the gated Lake Ashton community. Whether you want a single family home starting at a reasonable price, or a garage style home for RV parking to supplement your travels around the nation, Lake Ashton can accommodate your lively retired lifestyle.

55 Retirement Community | Enjoy Time With Your New Found Friends At Beautiful Lake AshtonBest of all, the beautiful community of Lake Ashton provides you with the opportunity to meet other seniors seeking the same active lifestyle you are. Join up with new neighbors and friends and find adventures in the busy Central Florida area, or share your travels beyond the state border.

Whether you are interested in athletics, nature, or socializing, Lake Ashton provides the perfect opportunity for community involvement and bonding for those over 55. Retirement community living in CRF communities is anything but wasting away in your rocking chair.