“View From a Golf Cart” in a Golf Retirement Community

Golf Retirement Community | Golf Retirement Communities in FloridaYour golf cart, your “wheels” in a Golf Retirement Communitiy is much more than just a vehicle to play the game of golf.  In great Golf Retirement Communities, like Lake Ashton, you don’t need a gas guzzling, expensive car for most of your every day needs.

Have you ever fished from your golf cart or ridden in a Holiday Golf Cart Parade?  At Lake Ashton’s Golf Retirement Community, it’s not

Golf Retirement Communities - Florida Golf retirement Community in Lake Wales

uncommon to see “tricked out” golf carts parked at the bank or the tech center.  Residents “speed” around their golf retirement communities.  At their Florida Retirement Communities, maybe they are reminiscing about the days when they rode in convertibles with music blaring and the wind blowing through their hair.

Without vehicle “traffic snarls,” residents in Golf Retirement Communities simply “drive the cart” to check out a book or watch a movie in the media room /library.  Others “drive carts” to socialize with friends, attend movies, play racquetball, tennis, basketball, billiards, or bowl.  How about attending aerobics, Pilates, yoga, exercise and fitness classes and lots of other activities without having to worry about finding a parking place!,


Golf Retirement Communities - Florida Golf retirement Community in Lake WalesAt Lake Ashton, Florida’s Premier Golf Retirement Community, residents even drive their carts to Thanksgiving dinner?  That’s a new twist on “over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house we go.” Of course, you may always use your cart for golfing!  But why limit yourself when you can enjoy all the fun of “driving your cart” and living in a Golf Retirement Community.

Lake Ashton…Florida’s Premier Golf Retirement Community!