You Will Find The Best In Active Adult Communities At Lake Ashton

Active Adult Communities | Enjoy Challenging GolfWhen you look at retirement options it can be hard to find the best active adult communities. So many retirement communities in Florida seemed to be aimed at less active adults. Staying active in your retirement years can mean many different things to different people. For some it means regular outings and cultural events; to others, a daily game of golf; and still other find it in a long morning walk or a day out on the lake fishing. If you value staying active, chances are you like a blend of many different activities to avoid falling into the same old, same old on a daily basis. This not only makes retirement more enjoyable, it also keeps you healthier. That is the kind of lifestyle that Lake Ashton provides.

Lake Ashton is one of the premiere Florida retirement communities and in many ways it has set the standard for other active adult communities. Lake Ashton offers a robust combination of facilities, amenities, activities and events to keep you busy when you want to be busy – but also the space and privacy to let you relax when you want to Active Adult Communities | Enjoy An Active Outdoor Lifestylerelax. It is this balance and the ability to choose your own pace and choice of activities, rather than have it dictated to you by a schedule, that makes the best active adult communities really shine. You want to feel free in your new community, and that’s what Lake Ashton delivers. At Lake Ashton there are many choices for how to spend your time. For those who like sports, there’s not one but two 18-hole golf courses with full amenities including a pro shop, driving range and on-site sports pub. If you’re not a golfer, there are also lighted tennis courts, jogging and walking areas, and great swimming and boating options as well as a fully appointed health and fitness center. Few active adult communities can boast so many options.

For those who like the outdoors, you will love the pristine waters of Lake Ashton with rich fishing opportunities, and the surrounding natural woodland and nearby state parks. Whether you are a seasoned outdoorsman or a casual birdwatcher the area is full of beautiful views, trails and wildlife just waiting to be discovered.

Active Adult Communities | Stay Fit At Lake AshtonOf course, active adult communities are not complete without a robust social life. The Clubhouse at Lake Ashton has full dining and lounge facilities, a grand ballroom, a game room, a library, computer center, and plenty of places to meet with friends on your own or to enjoy our many events.

Few active adult communities can offer what Lake Ashton does. If you want to keep yourself fit physically, mentally and socially in your retirement years, this is the place for you.